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"This is Who I AM"
[The Command of My Experience]

You only know what you experience in life. Everyone has their knowledge and ways of doing things. Are they right? Are they wrong? What signifies what methods, procedures, and productive skills are correct? The outcome. This will signify profitability.

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Who Can You Turn To

Who is your mentor? Everyone is ‘hardwired’ a certain way. Standards are set. Ways of typical methods and procedures are developed. Critical thinking and problem-solving traits have also come into being. It comes down to the percentage of success, and time management, without mistake or accident, and to be installed with a happy and satisfied client. Generally Speaking. My mentor, the president of A.W.M.A.C. (Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada) for the Alberta chapter was an amazing business owner who knew the industry, and its leaders, well and helped standardize the industry for cabinetmakers and wood finishers alike. I was very lucky to be exposed to the variety and spectrum of work I was exposed to. We took on the complex, difficult and unorthodox projects no one else wanted to deal with. I thank the industry for that; it made me who I am today. What really stuck with me…” I’m going to make you better that I am” and “Learn to do it right the first time and the speed will come with experience”. Take those to your grave as it is the best advice I can pass on as well. So, here we are and here I am.

     To clarify, the literature, illustrations, demonstrations, beliefs, thought patterns, methodologies and practices are all based on my personal experience. I was raised with standards that were not only exceptional but hardwired to evolve, ascertain, problem solve/troubleshoot, adapt, and develop my ways that work; not only to trade institutes and industry standards, but performed to a craftsmanship level of personal excellence based on my outcomes.

     I developed my preferences. In all areas of industry. My exposure to shops, onsite, products and materials, projects, and people are vast…but I have my preferences. Why? Because I can’t afford to make mistakes. In any area of business. I don’t have the time to do the job twice, or more. I can’t afford the extra labour, product or materials loss, bad reviews, customer rejections, rework, or project volume loss. In every step of every project, there are preventative or proactive measures/reasons to perform, and achieve a specific outcome of quality, time, and profit.

     The majority of my work, not limited to, deals with oil-based stains, vinyl sealer, pre-catalyzed lacquer, post-catalyzed lacquer, conversion varnish and polyurethane. Pre-catalyzed primer, post-catalyzed primer with pre-catalyzed and post-catalyzed coloured lacquer, or clear coat as a finish are also mainly covered. The use of alcohol and water-based products, powders, and other common products not mentioned are occasionally used as scenarios and circumstances arise.

     I intend to consult, coach, illustrate and demonstrate what isn’t written in books or taught in an institution. Comprised from my experiences, of over 30 years, as a master wood finisher and a cabinetmaker by trade, I compress the information into a comprehensive, logical, fluent, and proven curriculum that enables one to understand, retain and execute tasks required for a happy and desired result.

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I'm always available to give advice and answer any questions you have.  Let's talk.


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