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Customer Service Technician - Wood Finishing Division
  • Customer Service Technician - Wood Finishing Division

    Package prices are on a "Per Business" basis.  Please proceed to the "Contact Us" page to send an email and request your quote.


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         Getting your onsite touch-up, repair and finishing team can be a difficult and expensive task for any company. Our industry experts have created an amazing package for companies with little to no experience in wood finishing/touch-up and repair programs and courses, which are not currently being taught in trade institutions across north america.  Our consultants bring employees' experience and knowledge to a performance level that increases product volume, quality control, and increased profits in a short time span.


         We cover basic, intermediate, and even more difficult tasks, according to your shop's typical and current projects. Our staff members will coach your team how to do basic touch-ups and finishing techniques to complete your project onsite including touch-ups, hardware issues, spray bomb techniques to conceal/protect minor flaws and our coaching covers  masking to protect the customers home/office or commercial space.  All of which is necessary to have great customer satisifaction, repeat business and  positive reviews for your online presence.


        Our philosophy is to use your projects, materials, equipment, and tools already in use to provide real-life coaching based on your daily needs and what your team will be expected to work with each day.


    To See a Course Outline please follow this link

    Under Construction!

    "This is Who I Am"


    Price doesn't include flight, car rental or hotel costs for full duration of the chosen coaching package.





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