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Assessment Package

Assessment Package

Package prices are on a "Per Business" basis.  Please proceed to the "Contact Us" page to send an email and request your quote.


This assessment package is an in-shop, physical walk-through of your entire facility, meeting with you, the owner and/or partners, all management and leads plus random staff.


The Sit-Down

     Our Assessment provides a comprehensive overview of your business operations and primary objectives. We will assess all areas of concern including management, foreman, journeymen and leads, employee performance, turnover rates, execution, and project results. We will also analyze profit/loss, ownership decisions, delegation, and implementation, what your typical projects are, and what custom work is done. In effect, what you see is determining your bottom line. This will prepare us for the walk-through of your establishment.


The Tour

     Together we walk through your shop, as you communicate and express your thoughts throughout. You can make quick introductions to your key personnel as we become familiar with the layout of your shop.


Experts Walk Around

     Our consultant will begin a solo walk-through to begin a comprehensive, hands-on review of your shop's current operations. Designed to be an introductory overview of your shop's processes and procedures. We will evaluate areas such as safety, shop layout, production flow, and the overall efficiency of your shop. Work areas, machines, tools, and equipment are viewed and analyzed.


     Our consultant will obtain feedback from each area paying particular attention to the areas of concern, to obtain a perspective of the working dynamics, project flow, functionality, practices, methodologies, and techniques practiced.


     The finishing environment is critical for the end project result. We ensure that the mixing area, spray equipment and tools, shop layout, airflow, waste management, drying area, dust prevention, booth conditions and material organization/storage are addressed for maximized production outcomes.


     Employee experience, skill set, knowledge and capability are extremely important to know and work within. Time management, team player, positive inspiration, proficiency, competency, quality control, and critical thinking will be assessed to see where there may need to be improvement. Our consultants will be able to assess employee experience, skillset, knowledge, and abilities.



     Our goal is to identify and understand the current processes and procedures in order to make informed recommendations either through our online coaching or in-shop packages, we'll make recommendations that will help enhance your shop's performance. Our consultant will also provide you with a detailed report of our findings that may also include feedback from your staff and suggestions they have made for improvement.


"This is Who I Am"


Price doesn't include flight, car rental or hotel costs for full duration of the chosen coaching package.
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