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Get to Know Us

     DJKonsulting Inc is a game-changer for industry professionals, business owners, and DIY enthusiasts alike. Focused on wood and substrate prep work and finishing, Dave and his team's expert knowledge and experience will help solve problems, improve project outcomes, and enhance craftsmanship quality.

     The world is moving at a rapid pace, and businesses are facing increasing demands to build and renovate faster than ever before. This, coupled with rising material costs and the lack of well-trained staff, has made it challenging for businesses to keep up. Dave's consulting firm has a unique approach to this problem, offering practical and effective solutions that can be implemented in your shop, with the equipment and materials you already have on hand.

     DJKonsulting Inc's services are not only practical but also flexible, as he offers online training for those who need to save time or money but more importantly is our "IN SHOP" assessments and coaching packages . With Dave's team, you can get your employees and new hires up to speed in as little time as possible, ensuring that your business stays ahead of the competition. Don't let the lack of well-trained staff hold your business back; let our consulting firm help you achieve the results you need to succeed.

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About Dave Kyle, CEO and Founder

      Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta Canada. With over 30 years of experience
as a master wood finisher and cabinet maker. His procedures, methodologies, and techniques have been honed to make perfect results.


     Dave was trained by S.A.I.T. and was fortunate to have been apprenticed with a shop that had an extremely versatile scope of work.  This included government, commercial, architectural mill work, and the industry of cabinet making and wood finishing. During his career, he has worked in the fields of antique furniture restoration, piano restoration and finishing, aviation, marine finishes, flood and fire restoration, and custom cabinetry. But his most predominant has been his touch-up and repair business giving him experiences far beyond standard training.

    After working in custom shops for many years he decided to start his own business wanting to give his customers a higher quality of craftsmanship. As such, he has created his own brand. Trust, competency, and perfectionism are paramount to our success. Dave insists on such high standards which have resulted in his business being at the top of the industry.

     In pursuit of offering a higher quality of craftsmanship, Dave created his own brand. His business, Kyle's Wood Touch Up And Repair, has been operating out of Calgary for the past 11 years. The goal of his business is to rescue traumatized clients due to poor craftsmanship, contractors not following industry quality standards practices and more. Dave has realized that he wants to do more for the trade industry and has decided to pass on his knowledge and experience to help industry professionals, business owners, and DIY enthusiasts.


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